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Swarovski CL Companion NOMAD 10x30 Binoculars


See the world with new eyes. Reveal the captivating beauty of the unseen with the CL Companion NOMAD and experience precious moments more intensely.


The CL Companion NOMAD is more than a pair of binoculars. Handcrafted in Austria, featuring stunning optics, ergonomics and finest leather armoring, it is a statement of pure elegance that appeals to all the senses.


Leather armoring and NOMAD field bag

Pure vegetable-tanned cowhide (Central European cowhide – slight scratches or scars are part of the natural finish).

The leather used in the CL Companion NOMAD is treated before it leaves the factory. However, subsequent treatments will ensure it stays soft and supple. We recommend using the natural beeswax care product that is supplied with the CL Companion NOMAD.


NOMAD carrying strap

Buffalo leather (upper side) and suede (lower side) (raw material: Indian buffalo hide or Central European cowhide) Buffalo leather is a particularly robust material with waterrepellent properties. The leather in the NOMAD carrying strap does not require any additional treatment.


Titanium components

The closing rings at the top and bottom and the leak test screw are made of titanium for excellent durability and high material compatibility with the leather.


Wooden case

Untreated, oiled oak.

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