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This is the same telescope is the FSQ-85EDX, but includes the 1.01X flattener as part of the standard telescope assembly. This is the same unit designated as FSQ-85EDP in Japan. If you already own an FSQ-85EDX, you may order the flattener via part number TKA37582. The FSQ series of telescopes were designed with the astro-imager in mind. Featuring a four-element lens system made with superb ED glass, the FSQ produces a virtually flat field across a large image circle. In models other than the FSQ series, the image circle is defined as the circle in which light intensity is 60% or greater. However, because of the outstanding performance of the FSQ series, for these models the image circle is defined as the area where star images are 30 microns or less. In all FSQ telescopes, the light intensity across the image circle is greater than 70%.
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