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The FOA-60 from Takahashi is a new compact apochromatic fluorite doublet refractor.  This telescope features a 60 mm aperture and a 530 mm focal length.  


It is also available with a 1.7X extender, which increases the focal length to 901 mm.  The version with the 1.7X extender is known as the FOA-60Q.  

The spacing of the doublet elements is such that the correction of the spherical abberations is similar to that found in the much larger TOA series.  This innovative design results in a Strehl ratio in excess of 96% for the base unit and over 99% with the extender.


  • Compact design for relatively long focal length, making it ideal for transport
  • Outstanding visual and photographic performance, providing a 44 mm diameter image circle for full frame imaging
  • Available with a 1.7x extender and a 0.93x flattener


Note:  FOA-60 Shown.  Mount, tripod, tube holder and finder not included.


FOA-60 Visual System Chart

FOA-60 Extender System Chart

FOA-60Q System Chart