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Takahashi’s CRS series of Mewlon telescopes leads the industry in advanced design and optical quality.  At their heart is the Dall-Kirkham Cassegrain telescope design, coupled with a corrector that provides Ritchey–Chrétien like performance.  With the CRS series, Takahashi has added a 3-element corrector plate made from ED glass, converting the telescope to a flat field instrument for imaging and visual observation.  In addition, the CRS series has an electronic focusing system controllable with an ASCOM driver or in an autofocus mode.  Each CRS telescope features a primary mirror cooled by 3 fans.


Mewlon-250 CRS


The Mewlon-250 CRS is a 250 mm aperture telescope in an f/10, 2500 mm instrument.  With the optional reducer, the Mewlon-250 CRS can be converted to an f/7.3 telescope.  The Mewlon-250 CRS comes with a built-in 7x50 finder scope.


Mewlon-300 CRS


The Mewlon-300 CRS is a 300 mm aperture telescope in an f/9.9, 2960 mm instrument.  With the optional reducer, the Mewlon-300 CRS can be converted to an f/7.2 telescope.  


Please note: mount, tripod, tube holder and finder sold separately.


Included in the box:

Optical Tube Assembly

M90-72 Coupling TKP83111

50.8 (2") Sleeve TKP00113

Coupling (S) TKP00103

Aux. Ring (prime focus) TKP83002

Ocular adapter (31.7) TKP00101

Ocular adapter (50.8) TKP27110

Extension tube (50.8) TKP31112