Swarovski BTX Binocular Style Modular Spotting Scope Eyepiece



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Available now - the latest innovation from Swarovski Sport Optics, including a binocular eyepiece module that fits their 65mm, 85mm, and 95mm Spotting Scope Objective modules (sold separately).


The BTX combines the visual power of both eyes with a revolutionary viewing experience. Crucial subtleties can be seen with the crystal clear optics, with every detail now fully on show. A forehead rest and angled view guarantee comfortable viewing for hours on end.


The benefits of binoculars and spotting scopes are combined in the BTX eyepiece module. It presents vivid, true-to-life images and offers the comfort required for long-term observation. The BTX eyepiece module is compatible with all objective lenses in the SWAROVSKI OPTIK ATX/STX range.