STELLARVUE Non-rotating Helical Focuser for F50 Finderscopes



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Use the Stellarvue F050HNR to turn your F050M2 into a straight through finderscope! Simply unthread the right angle prism assembly from the main tube and replace it with the F050HNR. It features a 1.25" non-rotating helical focuser and includes a 10mm STE52 extension. Remember that when using the F050HNR on your finderscope your image will be inverted.


Since the F050HNR is the same focuser that is used on our F050G, the finderscope may now be used as a guide scope as well. The focuser has a standard 1.25" compression ring unit with an external M42 X .75 t-thread. So one can either use a guide camera's t-thread or a 1.25" nosepiece. 

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