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This ring set for 50/60 mm finders comes with more stable TPFD rail and a small, quick release FB dovetail shoe. This ring system will mount to:


  • Dobsonian telescopes (base attaches to flat or curved surfaces).
  • 2" import Crayford focusers 
  • Televue and now discontinued Stellarvue clamshells
  • Any tube (requires drilling two holes)


This system does not mount to the 2” Feather Touch focuser since that focuser does not have any mounting holes. For mounting to our current focusers we suggest the R50F. 


This new ring system includes a wider, more stable "T" rail. Also, the rings are spaced further apart. This wider spacing holds the finder rigid enough for use as a guide scope. On our 50 mm finders the rings will attach to the finder tube on one end and the dew shield on the other. On our 60 mm finders the rings attach to the extreme ends of the main tube. 


This ring system is used with a variety of telescopes attaching to either flat boards, clam shells, focusers or curved surfaces. For this reason it does not include attachment screws for mounting the base shoe to the telescope.