Sky Watcher 6'' Traditional Dobsonian



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The Classic Dobsonian uses a parabolic primary mirror design, constructed of borosilicate, then polished and coated with our proprietary Radiant™ Aluminum Quartz (RAQ™), producing a remarkable 94% reflectivity. With a 6-inch aperture, the Classic 150P Dobsonian is 460 times brighter than the human eye! This simple yet effective design is perfect for visual observation of faint objects, such as nebulae, star clusters, and galaxies. 


Supporting the Classic Dobsonian is more than just a simple rocker box. The base uses Teflon™ bearings for smooth, easy azimuth slewing and a patented tension control handle to lock the telescope in place. Once locked on an object, the telescope can support both 1.25-inch accessories as well as the heavier 2-inch eyepieces, allowing you to use virtually any eyepiece on the market. The Classic Dobsonian includes two 1.25-inch eyepieces, a 1.25-inch adapter, a 2-inch eyepiece adapter, dust caps and a 6x30 finderscope.



Optical Design Newtonian (Parabolic) 
Optical Diameter 153mm 
Focal Length 1200mm 
F/Ratio F/7.8 
Secondary Mirror Diameter 34.5mm 
Highest Practical Power 306x 
Faintest Steller Magnitude 13.6 
Finder Scope 6x30* 
Focuser Diameter 2" with 1.25 adapter 
Eyepieces 1.25" Super 25 and 10* 
Tube Weight 5.78Kgs 
Shipping Weight 15+10 Kg 
Shipping Dimensions 77x67x12 cm3; 126 x 39 x 36 cm3 
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