Planostar 0.8x M63 Reducer for AA80EDT-X Wave Series Refractor

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This reducer - flattener is designed to work with the Altair Astro Wave Series 80mm EDT-X FPL53 80mm F6 Super ED Triplet APO.

It reduced the focal ratio from F6.0 to F4.8 speeding up imaging times, and converts the focal length from 480mm to 384mm, giving you a wider field.

It consists of two components:

A) The flattener body containing the optics, with M63 male outer thread on the telescope side and M63 female inner thread on the camera side

B) An M63 to M48 adaptor-spacer with M63 male outer thread on the flattener side and M48 male outer thread on the camera side. The adaptor has a 13.39mm optical length, to give 55mm sensor to flange distance.  

Tips for use:

If you remove the included adaptor spacer, you can use any adaptor with an M63x1mm male outer thread on the telescope side, to connect to your equipment. This frees up 68.39mm of distance between the rear flange of the reducer and the sensor. Please raise a support ticket at for advice.

The reducer will fully illuminate an APS-C size sensor and it will work with a full-frame sensor with about 10% light reduction known as vignetting at the edges of the image-circle, and a very slight elongation of star-shapes at the very far corners. In practical use, this is barely noticeable, will be lost in framing of your image-stack, and the vignetting can be corrected with flat-frames. Fine tuning of spacing with Altair fine-tuning rings will help to control the outer corners, and if set up correctly will also compensate for the use of filters. When using Altair filters, we recommend to try adding the 0.5mm fine tuning ring first in the set.

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