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Labomed's highly streamlined Lx POL delivers reliability and comfort through user-friendly design and precision engineering. Tight design tolerances and the Strain Free SF optical system produce true polarization. A combination of an optical grade polarizer with high extinction properties, individually centerable POL objectives, and a perfectly matched analyzer prvide outstanding contrast and clarity. The Lx POL provides pristine polarized light, clarity, and excellent optical performance.


The Lx POL polarizing microscope comes equipped with LABOMED MaxLite™ coated optics, a sputtered hard coating technology that delivers a research grade of anti-reflective and scratch resistant properties.  This is most useful in earth and materials sciences applications, where integrity of light transmission and mitigation of internal reflections are critical.


For precise conoscopic imaging, an integrated analyzer/Bertrand lens module provides individual flip-in/flip-out of the analyzer and Bertrand lens, with a conveniently located focusing dial.  Centration of the Bertrand lens is achieved through easy-access front mounted centering screws.  A convenient slider slot will accept a range of compensator plates.


A large circular stage with two locking brakes is provided, delivering a smooth 360 degrees of rotation. An optional 100x objective further complements the SF series of strain-free optics, ensuring no optical impurities interfere with polarized light. A fixed verticality crosshair is a standard feature, maintaining its orientation as IPD is adjusted.


Two compensator plate slots and two centering tool slots are located onboard the analyzer/Bertrand lens module to prevent unwanted loss of accessories.  The microscope comes equipped with λ, 1/4 λ, and Quartz-Wedge plates.


This microscope is ideal for envirnonment applications or other uses requireing a Polizaring Light (PLM) Microscope.