Kowa 88 mm Prominar Pure Spotting Scope STRAIGHT & TE-11WZ II WA-Zoom Eyepiece


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There is no greater example of color than that of the natural world. A vibrancy when witnessed that can stir our emotions and make us feel alive.

Seeing nature represented true to life can be one of the most engaging experiences we can ever hope to enjoy.
For decades, it has been the passion, drive and goal of PROMINAR optical engineers to always deliver this natural spectacle to the observer in glorious detail through our optics.

Improving an iconic optic, meet the new 88mm flagship PROMINAR spotting scope.

When crafting the new TSN-88 PROMINAR series, Kowa went back to its roots in optical design. Roots which have made it one of the most popular spotting scope manufacturers in the world.

To enhance a basic fundamental feature that PROMINAR users enjoy every time they look through their eyepiece -
Natural Color. Kowa has always prided itself on manufacturing optics that deliver a pure rendition of the view in front of the lens. Allowing you, the observer to explore and enjoy every detail of the subject.

An image free of negative optical distractions allowing you to immersive yourself into the scene in front of you.
So, how exactly do you improve on an optic that has for almost two decades been at the forefront of optical innovation? The answer was clear, how the scope interacts with light.

Kowa engineers have improved the unique optical coatings applied not only to the lenses but also the prism in the new TSN-88 PROMINAR spotting scope series.

The result is a spotting scope that delivers even higher levels of light wavelength transmission than its predecessor and most important of all, across the entire color spectrum.

Available light enters through the objective lens and internal optics which is then finally transmitted to our eyes via the exit pupil. The more light photons that make it through the lens, the better and more clear we can see the object at high magnification and in greater detail.

Lens coatings help to transmit the light photons entering the optic and control how the image is delivered to our eyes.

Lens coating chemicals which are not perfectly balanced with high performance across the entire color spectrum can produce un- natural colors in the final image seen by your eye. Cool or blue tints, or possible warm or red tints are often associated with optics that have good transmission values in certain wavelengths of light – but not the full spectrum.

PROMINAR optics deliver high light transmission across all wavelengths of light to achieve a natural, comfortable and truly realistic image that is worthy of the subject you are viewing.

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