Kowa 66mm Spotting Scope, Angled and TE-11WZ II zoom eyepiece



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The TSN-66 PROMINAR is the newest member of Kowa’s PROMINAR family of spotting scopes, boasting exceptional pure fluorite crystal optics that have earned Kowa global acclaim.

The TSN-66 PROMINAR’s cutting-edge technology enables it to deliver exceptional optical performance, granting birdwatchers and outdoor enthusiasts access to a level of detail and clarity typically found only in larger, heavier spotting scopes.

With a compact and lightweight body and 66mm objective lens, the TSN-66 PROMINAR is the ideal tool for those who want to travel light, without compromising on image quality when they arrive at their favourite location.

The TSN-66 PROMINAR allows you to experience nature in perfect clarity, even in the most remote and challenging habitats. Travel further, explore deeper and experience the natural world in a way that was previously impossible with a compact spotting scope.

Expanding the PROMINAR Pure Fluorite Crystal Family.


Proudly made in Japan, this spotting scope joins a line-up of world-renowned precision optics featuring unique optical coatings and pure fluorite crystal technology. The PROMINAR range has set the standard for optical quality and performance, delivering outstanding image clarity and resolution. The TSN-66 PROMINAR upholds this tradition, and now offers nature enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the precision and clarity of a PROMINAR spotting scope in a more compact and lightweight form.

Experience the Truth and Beauty of Natural Color.

Kowa has always been dedicated to delivering optical products that offer a true-to-life representation of the natural world.
For nature enthusiasts and bird watchers, Kowa optics provide an unrivalled viewing experience. With Kowa’s commitment to the highest quality standards and utilizing pure fluorite crystal lenses, the products deliver a pure rendition of the view in front of the lens, allowing users to explore and enjoy every detail of the subject. When you use Kowa optics, you can trust that the colors you see are the true colors of nature. This creates an image free of chromatic aberration (color blur) and negative optical distractions, which enables you to fully immerse yourself into the scene in front of you. Kowa’s reputation for delivering natural color has earned them a loyal following of users who demand the best.

Lightweight Yet Tough: Portable Perfection.

Strong, Light and Built to Last. The 100% magnesium alloy body not only provides robustness but also ensures a lightweight design. With a fully sealed outer body, this spotting scope is 100% waterproof and nitrogen-filled, making it impervious to the elements. Experience the perfect balance of strength and weight with the TSN-66 PROMINAR, built to last a lifetime.

The scope is offered in both Angled (A) and Straight (S) configurations.

Precision and Ease of Use are at the Forefront of the Highly Engineered New TSN-66 PROMINAR.

With meticulous attention to detail, this scope delivers exceptional performance and intuitive operation. Our flagship spotting scopes are defined by their dual focus system, and the TSN-66 PROMINAR is no exception. This highly engineered feature provides ultimate control, ensuring flawless and precise operation. With quick focus, you can bring your subject into detail in just a few smooth revolutions. Meanwhile, fine focus provides pin-point fingertip control, delivering the ultimate in focusing accuracy. Whether you’re

a seasoned pro or a novice, the TSN-66 PROMINAR’s dual focus system offers flawless operation out in the field.

Tools to Enhance Your Birding Experience.

The TSN-66 PROMINAR inherits optical enhancements and clever upgrades developed for the recent TSN-88 / 99 large objective models, refined to suit a more compact optic and designed for an improved field experience. It features a dual tripod mounting system for hours of undistributed use. A 72mm filter thread is included to allow the connection of protective filters and features. A smooth twist sun-shade with improved aiming site to locate a subject more rapidly is incorporated. Kowa’s unique KR coating is applied to the objective lens offering enhanced protection and reducing the risk of dirt and liquids building up on the lens. And of course, Kowa’s unique, ergonomic and stylish design is applied to the outer casing. These small changes make a big difference in terms of security, stability, mobility, protection, and comfort.

Join the Kowa System Family: The TSN-66 PROMINAR

Series Scope is Compatible with Kowa System Accessories.

Cross compatibility is a fundamental feature of all our PROMINAR spotting scopes, including the TSN-66 PROMINAR. With our 100% compatible accessory collar and bayonet mount, you have access to a wide range of interchangeable eyepieces and accessories, making this scope a truly flexible and truly compact optical tool that can be used for many applications. The PROMINAR eyepieces, including the 25-60x TE-11WZ II wide zoom and the Extreme wide 35x TE-80XW, can be easily connected to the spotting scope body. Want to increase magnification for long-range applications? Simply add the TSN-EX-16 1.6x extender. Accessories are available for enhanced scope protection and with our easy-to-use digiscoping adapters, you can attach the latest smartphones and digital camera bodies for super telephoto photography. You can even push the boundaries of this planet by inserting astronomical eyepieces. With Kowa, the possibilities are endless! A portable scope with many different applications offering endless experiences in the great outdoors.