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Pegasus Astro

Indigo Filter Wheel

7 Position - 2"




Our new high-quality Indigo Filter Wheel has a 7 position carousel and can house a 2inch mounted or 50mm unmounted filter.














Orientation on both adapters Both
sides of the filter wheel have M54
openings. The screw slide adapter
allows you to properly align the
orientation of your camera or telescope
side. Just untie the screws and rotate
the adapter to the desired



 Accurate Filter Selection



The carousel has seven (7) slots and accepts 2-inch mounted or 50mm unmounted filters. Filter Wheel rotates clock or counterclockwise direction for filter selection. A combination of a direct drive stepper motor and optical encoders ensures that your filter selection is precise, and deadly accurate on every filter location. We strongly suggest our photographic 2-inch filters in combination with the Indigo Filter Wheel 






Thin Design





The body of the Indigo filter wheel is aluminum CNC milled. High-quality aluminum alloy allowed us to design the filter wheel as thin as possible (19.0mm, 19.6mm with adapters installed on both sides).







Camera Connection 



The 6 screw holes on the camera side allow direct connection with astronomical cameras that follow the same 6 x hole pattern (62mm diameter pattern). A neat feature allows you to reduce the total back focus instead of placing adapters.




Mechanical Design






Telescope Connection



Documentation & Software

Product Manual for Indigo Filter Wheel


Unity Platform ASCOM Driver installs with Unity


Mask for Unmounted Filters (2mm & 3mm thickness) – 3d STL

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