Altair Pier Adapter (Most Orion, SW EQ5, HEQ5, EQ6, Ioptron iEQ30-45 and CEM60)



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The Altair Astro CNC machined aluminium pier adapter is used to secure the following Equatorial mounts to your Altair SkyShed Pier or home made pier:
  • Altair Sabre mount
  • iOptron CEM60, CEM40, GEM45 & iEQ45 Mounts
  • Skywatcher EQ6 & EQ6-R EQ6 (AKA Orion Atlas)
  • Skywatcher HEQ5 & EQ5
  • Skywatcher EQ3-2
  • Celestron CGEM
  • Celestron CGEM-DX
  • Celestron CG-5 & CG-4
  • Generic Chinese EQ5 mounts such as "Astro-5 EQ" mount
  • Meade LXD75 (due to mount model variations, please email us to confirm dimensions)
  • Several Vixen mounts (due to mount variations, please email us to confirm dimensions)
The pier adapter has 4x M8 recessed holes around the outer perimeter for fastening it to the pier plate in various positions.
The pier adapter is designed to add 30mm height to the mount in order to clear the pier top plate.
4x stainless steel corrosion resistant bolts and nuts are included with your pier adapter for quick and easy installation.
The pier adapter is clear silver anodised for extra durability (We chose silver because, being a hard wearing part, black anodising shows up inevitable scratches).
Using the Azimuth (rotation) stop for each type of mount:
There is an additional threaded hole for the EQ6 azimuth stop bolt which can be removed from the field tripod and screwed into the pier adapter.
Product feature summary:
  • Transfer your EQ mount from static pier to field tripod in minutes.
  • CNC machined from solid aluminium, anodised to ensure corrosion protection.
  • 4x corrosion resistant stainless steel nuts & bolts are included.
  • Fits the Altair/SkyShed 8” Steel Adjustable Pier without any drilling.
  • The existing hole pattern on Altair Piers is the same as the Meade LX200.
  • The Altair pier adapter be used on any flat surface with the correct holes, such as a home made pier of your own.
  • Pleasing to the eye in clear silver anodised aluminium, complementing the crisp lines of the laser-cut 8” Altair-SkyShed Pier and the Altair TMS product range.
Please note, some thumbnail images under the main product image are of the older type pier adapter in use, but the principle is the same.