Altair Hypercam Lens Adapter for Nikon and EOS Lenses



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Attach your Altair Hypercam CMOS Camera to a Nikon F-Mount or Canon EOS Photographic lens for wide flat field astrophotography. You can insert 2" Astro filters too. Rotates for framing and you can move the adapter back and forth on the dovetail bar for balancing. Mount your Altair guide scope on top using the two holes for UNIFBR universal guide scope bracket.


  • Adapter CLA-...-HYPERCAM for Hypercam Fan-Cooled models with 12.5mm sensor to flange distance.
  • Adapter CLA-...HYPERCAM-TEC for Hypercam TEC-Cooled models with 17.5mm sensor to flange distance.
  • Full frame clear aperture!
  • Fits all Nikon F-Mount bayonet fit lenses or Canon EOS Canon EOS bayonet fit lenses including EF-S.
  • Internal 2" filter mounting position for CLS filters, etc. Sealed chamber - control dust!
  • Base has mounting stalk for back or forwards attachment to 200mm dovetail plate - enabling balance even with large lenses.
  • Includes standard 200mm dovetail bar with multiple 1/4" M6 through-holes and slots..
  • Mount your Altair 50mm or 60mm Finder/Guider on top with the UNIFBR quick release bracket.