Altair Hypercam 533C Color Camera

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Altair AA533CTEC has a 14bit Sony IMX533 Back Side Illuminated Sensor with very high sensitivity.

Lower read noise and higher sensitivity, easily outperforms front illuminated CCD cameras at a more competitive price point.

Zero Amp Glow makes the AA533CTEC a pleasure to image with, and the 3.76um pixels in a square format make targets easy to frame, especially galaxies!

2 Stage TEC Cooling reduces thermal noise to negligible levels and the camera sensor is guaranteed not to frost for two years due to the special chamber design. A heated anti reflection coated optical window reduces the chance of dew formation on the front glass.

Hypercam AA533C headlines:

  • 9mp size Back Illuminated Sony IMX533 sensor with 16mm diagonal
  • 14bit ADC yields 16,384 grey levels in the image 
  • Zero Amp Glow even at 10mins exposure
  • Special “Ultra Low Read Noise” mode
  • True Hardware Binning
  • 2 Stage TEC Cooling 
  • Heated Optical Window
  • 2 year warranty, with no sensor frosting guarantee**
  • USB3.0/USB2.0 connector with rear USB2.0 hub (2x ports)
  • 12v power is required to run this camera.
  • Included armoured case
  • Included basic 240~110v compatible 12v DC power supply with your choice UK, USA or EU plug
  • Software & drivers downloadable at 

Hypercam 533C Specifications:

Model AA533CTEC
Sensor Sony IMX533 Colour CMOS Back Side Illuminated
Colour / Mono Colour
Sensor Diagonal 15.968 mm
Resolution 9mp (3000x3000)
Pixel Size 3.76um
Image Area 11.31mm x 11.28mm
ADC 14bit
Optical Window Colour UVIR filter 400-690nm AR coated
Shutter Rolling
Read Noise 1.42 – 0.97 e-
Qe Approx. >80%
Full Well Capacity 50ke-
Exposure Time 0.1ms – 3600s
Guide Port None
Rear USB Hub 2x USB2.0 Ports
Region Of Interest ROI Supported
SNR Max 47 dB
Dynamic Range 87 dB (Low Noise Mode)
HCG Mode/ LCG Mode Support Yes 3.05x
Sensor to flange distance 17.5mm
TEC Power input 12.0v-13.0v DC (required to run the camera)
Camera front flange thread M42x0.75mm Female
Weight 550g
Cooling TEC -40°C Below Ambient
Frame rate max 8bit 20 FPS - 14bit 20 FPS (USB3.0)
Software included AltairCapture, SharpCap PRO Free 1 year license Download ONLY
ASCOM Driver Yes
Warranty 2 year return to base
Recommended PC & USB system: Windows 10 PRO 64bit OS, Intel processor i5 or i7 (best) with USB 3.0 or 3.1 port. 8-16GB RAM (best). SSD drive recommended, disabling power policy and BIOS C-States or equivalent also recommended. Camera must have 12v power input connected to operate. Customers feedback that USB2.0 systems often do not have the bandwidth to support this camera and may work intermittently therefore we recommend a high conductivity USB3.0 and a premium cable of no longer than 2metres.


** for two years from delivery date, normal use, not applicable if camera sensor chamber seal is breached.