Altair DELUXE 70mm Imaging Extension Tube

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Most refractor telescopes require the use of an extension tube for straight-through use with a camera when the diagonal is removed, and 70mm is the most common length. This 70mm extension tube is also useful to bring the DayStar Quark to focus with a refractor.

The Altair Deluxe 2" extension tube has 3x steel thumbscrews, making it ideal for astro-photography with long imaging trains, and heavy eyepieces, or binoviewers. The accessory is clamped firmly from three sides, reducing flex in the optical train, unlike other extension tubes, which have only one or two thumbscrews.

The stainless steel barrel has anti-slip safety kerfs instead of the usual safety undercut, and the barrel of the extension tube has straight parallel sides. This reduces tilt in imaging accessories or cameras, and preserves collimation better.

A protective inner compression ring prevents marring your eyepieces or accessories, and the extension tube based is threaded to accept standard 2" filters (M48x0.75mm thread pitch).

The extension tube adds 70mm additional light path or "backfocus" between your telescope focuser and eyepiece or camera, and fits all 2" focusers. 

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