Altair 9x50 mm Straight Thru Finder with non-rotating helical focuser (incl. eyepiece and illuminator)



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Starwave 50mm Straight Through Finder Scope with an indexed non-rotating, helical micro-focuser.
A 23mm illuminated reticule eyepiece is included with a variable brightness illuminator unit.
Focal length is 206.6mm (F4.1) and the magnification with a 23mm eyepiece is 9x.
The focuser has a 1.25" ID push-fit adapter with brass compression ring, allowing use of 1.25"  eyepieces or auto-guiding cameras.
The indexed micro-focuser can be locked, enabling the eyepiece or camera to set at the correct focus-point.
Because the focuser does not rotate, the eyepiece reticule or guide camera is easier to focus and maintain alignment on-target.
The rear of the focuser also includes a T2 thread to allow the addition of extensions. 
The finder stalk is compatible with most finder scope brackets on the market but also includes a universal finder bracket (product code UNIFBR) with a cross-slotted hole pattern to fit most telescopes.
Included in the box: 
50mm finder scope optical tube with dewshield and rubber end cap.
Metal Rings with Nylon Tipped Thumbscrews
Metal Finder Stalk (fiits Skywatcher, Altair and most finder brackets)
Universal Finder Bracket (two thumbscrews)
1.25" Non-Rotating Helical Focuser (focusing scale, locking thumbscrew & brass compression ring, end cap)
23mm Illuminated Retcule Eyepiece (laser etched reticule)
Eyepiece illuminator unit (variable brightness control)
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