Altair 0.8x Reducer 60EDF

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To attach to your 60EDF Refractor, unscrew the rear 2" push-fit adaptor from the Camera Rotator on the back of the focuser, and screw the reducer into the focuser for a rigid fit.

Spacing from rear flat shoulder of the reducer to your camera sensor is 55mm excluding all threads.

The camera-facing rear thread is M48 male, allowing the use of the Starwave DSLR Adapter for Canon/Nikon and various Altair Astro M48 spacers for use with CMOS astro cameras.

For use with the Hypercam, we recommend starting with the M48-T2-15.5-EXT adapter to change from M48 to T2-Thread. You can then choose various T2 spacer rings to get to the desired distance to your sensor.

Here are two examples below showing spacing with the Altair Magnetic Filter holder which takes up 17mm of optical path. 

Camera: Hypercam Fan Cooled (12.5mm) Hypercam TEC Cooled (17.5mm)
Magnetic filter holder: MAGF2-M48-T2 (17mm) MAGF2-M48-T2 (17mm)
Spacers required to reach 55mm:

M48-T2-15.5-EXT (15.5mm)


M48-T2-15.5-EXT (15.5mm)

T2-5-EXT (5mm)

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