Altair Lightwave 1.0x Reducer-Flattener

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A non-focal reducing Field Flattener which gives improved results for photography with triplet and doublet refractor telescopes of between F5.5 and approximately F6.25 focal ratio.

- Gives improved results with refractors with focal lengths up to F6.5, and with smaller chips, up to F7.5 without changing the focal length of the telescope.
- Integral T-Ring adapter thread.
- Requires back-focus of 55mm to CCD Chip.
- For DSLRs a standard T-Thread adapter of approx. 10mm thickness is required.
- The standard 2" OD barrel will fit any 2" format telescope like an eyepiece.
- The base of the 2" OD barrel is threaded for 2" filters.
- CNC machined body with gloss black anodized finish.
- Includes a CNC machined T-threaded end-cap to protect against dust on the rear lens element which is more exposed than the front element. A plastic dust cap is included for the 2" OD front barrel.