Altair 2 inch Filter Holder v1

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A 2" Filter Holder with either a male T2 or M48 thread on the camera side and either a female T2 or M48 thread on the telescope side, enabling direct connection to Altair Hypercam and other cameras.

M48 female thread on the front enables connection to M48 flatteners and reducers such as Altair Planostar or Starwave which have M48 male threads.

Optical path length is 17mm, therefore you need to incorporate this amount in your spacing calculations.

Includes a 2" filter holder/slider.

Additional 2" and 1.25" Filter Sliders are available separately with product codes CASS-125 & CASS-2.


Compatible with Altair TriBand, QuadBand, and 2" filters, Altair 2" Narrow-band filters and most other brands using an M48x0.75mm filter thread.
Rear male T2 thread fits directly into the Hypercam front-end.
Front female M48 thread fits directly to the Planostar M48 reducers and flatteners.
Starwave M48/T2 Spacers and Extensions are also compatible allowing you to make up the correct spacing between camera sensor and optics.

General usage and safety advice: Do not use for solar imaging to hold an ERF (Energy Rejection) filter or any other filter in front of Hershel Wedges. Filters are orientated correctly as shown in the product images, turning the filter slider around will impair the performance of your filter. When taking flat-frames before or after imaging, it's advisable not to remove the filter holder or replace it, because this could cause changes in the position of dust particles which makes them difficult to cancel out. When taking darkframes in brightly-lit situations, it's advisable to cover the filter holder and telescope focuser, or entire telescope with a dark cloth.

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