Altair MG32 Mini Guide Polar Alignment Scope + QRB Rings + GPCAM Guide Camera

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The Altair MG32 Mini Guide Scope is a small "set and forget" high quality optical tube, with Rings, a universal quick release base and the super-sensitive GPCAMv2 AR0130 Mono Guide Camera.
A guide and USB cable are included, so you have everything you need to start guiding with a refractor or lens of up to 600mm.
The MG32 is small, very compact, and light - ideal for portable wide field imaging. You can mount it on just about any telescope focuser with the included Universal Finder Bracket. Two M4 screws are included.
Small and accurate: This is the perfect guider for your iOptron SmartEQ PRO, SkyGuider, Star-Adventurer or other small mount. It delivers good accuracy with refractors and camera lenses up to 600mm focal length. Weight is about 350 grams and length is 165mm.
Perfect for polar alignment with SharpCap PRO and Altair GPCAM: If you order an Altair GPCAM with your MG32, you get a free 1 year SharpCap PRO software license with the camera, so you can polar align your telescope or camera lens with extreme accuracy out of the box in minutes. Your MG32 doesn't even need to be perfectly aligned with your optical tube. You can just point the finder scope within 5 degrees of the north or south celestial poleand the software will do the rest. This alone will revolutionise your imaging.
Zero flex, and your guide camera will stay in perfect focus forever: The camera is threaded into the optical housing, so you don't need to worry about differential flex. The finder scope front lens is rotated to focus, then the locking ring is tightened up. You are now focused forever.
Fits most existing finder scope rings: The tube diameter (white part) is 36mm enabling and 85mm long enabling it to be used with most finder scope rings. The full length is 165mm with dewshield retracted, 185mm with dewshield fully extended.
What you get in this package:
MG32 Finder/Guide Scope with Universal FInder Bracket and Rings:
  • Optical Tube with 32mm fully coated doublet lens, 126.56mm focal length, F3.955. Front rubber dust cap, rear threaded dust cap.
  • An additional CS-Mount connector ring to attach 3rd party cameras with CS female front threads.
  • The rings and stalk come with a universal finder bracket (Code: UNIFBR) which fits most optical tubes.
  • The stalk has a dovetail which fits most existing finder brackets.
  • Two stainless steel M4 screws are included to attach the Universal Finder Bracket to your scope or dovetail plate.
  • Altair GPCAMv2 AR0130 MONO Guide Camera with ST4 Port (Code: ALTAIRGP130M-BASIC)
  • ST4 Guide Cable & USB Cable
  • Free AltairCapture deepsky, planetary imaging and EAA software for Windows XP, 8, & 10 PC only. 
  • SPECIAL OFFER! FREE 1 YEAR SharpCap PRO License! Includes ultra-accurate polar alignment assist, deepsky CMOS exposure time optimisation assist, live stacking for EAA/Video astronomy, live darkframe and flat frame subtration. Click here for more SC PRO features. Just download the latest SharpCap, connect your camera, register when the screen pops up and sign up for your free license.  Download SharpCap 3.0+ now to take advantage of this special offer. One license per user. For Windows PCs only.
  • The Camera is compatible with PHD2.6 or above guiding software (native support), and with other applications through the ASCOM interface.
  • NOTE: Software and drivers are not included in the box and must be downloaded from and installed before plugging in and operating the camera. This is to ensure you get the latest versions.