Fujinon TS-X 1440 14x40 Image Stabilized Binoculars



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The New TS-X1440 14x magnification binocular offers a remarkable vibration correction angle of ±6° and outstanding optical performance. Its bright, clear, and stabilized view makes it a perfect choice for wildlife observation and astronomical use. In addition to wildlife and astronomical observation, these binoculars are great for use in a variety of applications, including spectator sports and live music events. Fujifilm uses its outstanding optical and mechanical design technologies to develop high-performance and high-quality products, including large binoculars that contributed to the discovery of the Comet Hyakutake, as well as compact binoculars for day-to-day casual use.


With an effective luminous flex diameter of 40mm for objects closest to the lens, the TS-X 1440 achieves an advanced level of light-gathering power. Fujifilm's unique EBC Multi-Coating is applied to control flare, ghosting, and chromatic aberration while enhancing light transmittance to provide a bright, clear view. The stylish, easy-to-hold design is combined with moisture-resistant construction, making the TS-X 1440 easy to use and highly reliable. Slip-resistant rubber coats the entire body so that users can enjoy a firm grip with both hands. These binoculars offer great operability due to the optimized positioning of diopter rings and On/Off switches for power and image stabilization.



  • The TS-X 1440 features an image-stabilizing function, based on Fujifilm’s optical and mechanical design technologies nurtured through its development of interchangeable lenses for digital cameras and broadcast lenses. The use of a gyro sensor enables accurate detection of even the smallest of vibrations and controls the prism inside the body to achieve the vibration correction angle of ±6°.
  • Swing-back, which typically occurs when binoculars are panned horizontally, is well-controlled with the TS-X 1440.
  • With the effective diameter of 40mm for objective lens elements, the TS-X 1440 achieves an advanced level of light-gathering power. The company’s unique EBC Multi-Coating is applied to control flare and ghosting while enhancing light transmittance, perfect for astronomical observation in low-light conditions.
  • Chromatic aberration is controlled by optimally positioning four objective lens elements in three groups and six ocular lens elements in four groups. This delivers edge-to-edge sharpness.
  • The TS-X1440's moisture-resistant construction and floating design permits use for whale watching, for example, with peace of mind.
  • Automatic shut-off feature to help extend battery life.
  • Rubber armored body allows user to have a firm grip.
  • Designed with water and fog proof seals (Nitrogen Purged). O ring sealed.