Zeiss DTI 3-35 Thermal Imaging Camera


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These thermal scopes were used during the Biggest Week in American Birding by the guides at that event. They were lightly used for 10 days and are now being offered at a special discount.

The DTI 3 family of thermal imaging cameras are specifically designed for hunting or nature observation at night. Thanks to an ergonomic design and a high-resolution HD LCOS display that delivers detailed images even in the darkness and at night. ZEISS offers a specialized solution suitable for even the most difficult lighting conditions, developed by hunting experts especially for hunting at night.

Whether for observing and tracking or to more quickly and accurately identify game, this high-quality thermal imaging system ensures that hunters can precisely recognize details even at distances of more than 1,200 meters. As a result, the ZEISS DTI 3/35 gives hunters a considerable advantage when stalking at night or when hunting over long distances from a raised hide in a field.

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