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The Takahashi EM-200 Temma 2Z mount is a highly accurate, superbly crafted German equitorial mount suitable for loads up to 40 lbs.  The mount features the Temma 2Z control system, allowing for PC GOTO funcionality as well as precise control using the supplied hand controller.


The EM-200 T2Z operates off 12 VDC and is capable of GOTO operation from a PC or Mac, with a high speed slew rate of 700X, and slower manual slew rates for R.A. and Dec. adjustments.  The mount features a built in, illuminated polar finder scope for accurate polar alignment, facilitating accurate tracking and GOTO's.  To further enhance tracking capability, the mount is autoguider capable.  The mount comes equiped with manual scales for both right accension and declination, graduated at 10 minutes and 2 degrees, respectively.  Two 11 lb counterweights are included.


The EM-200 T2Z comes in two models, depending on the desired observation latitude.  The LL model is suitable for latitudes between 0 and 20 degrees.  The ML model is suitable for latitudes between 0 and 50 degrees.  The HL model is suitable for latitudes between 22 and 63 degrees.  

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