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Color eyepiece filters enhance subtle details on the planets, comets, and the Moon by selectively increasing the contrast between markings of different hues. This affordable 1.25" Orion Basic Set of Four Color Filters includes our most popular color planetary telescope eyepiece filters: #15 Deep Yellow, #25 Red, #58 Green, and #80A Medium Blue. These filters are vat-dyed for even color coating and then anti-reflection coated for maximum transmission. The eyepiece filter cells are made of anodized aluminum and are double-threaded to permit filter stacking. A protective plastic filter case is included.


Here's a brief summary describing some of the planetary features each color eyepiece filter will help enhance:


#15 Deep Yellow Planetary Filter (66% Transmission)

  • Red and orange features of Saturn and Jupiter
  • Contrast of lunar surface features
  • Polar caps and orange desert regions of Mars
  • Low-contrast cloud detail on Venus


#25 Red (14% Transmission)

  • Martian surface detail in larger telescopes
  • Contrast of Mercury against blue sky
  • Contrast and cloud definition of Venus
  • Bluish cloud regions of Jupiter and Saturn


#58 Green (24% Transmission)

  • Lunar surface detail
  • Contrast of blue and red structures on Jupiter, including The Great Red Spot
  • Melt lines around Martian polar ice caps
  • Contrast of Saturn's subtle cloud belts


#80A Medium Blue (28% Transmission)

  • Details of Jupiters cloud belts and Great Red Spot
  • High clouds and polar caps of Mars
  • Lunar surface details
  • Contrast of some comet tails




Limited Warranty against defects in materials or workmanship for one year from date of purchase. This warranty is for the benefit of the original retail purchaser only. 

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